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Google App Bake Off

Project: Google App Bake Off Description: To create some sort of evaluation method for all the applications being thrown at the market today. The seem to be like viruses in that they appear to self replicate, and have a tendency to crash a lot. :-) I don't see as much planning going into these applications, and I don't see much customer service. From my viewpoint, it appears to be all about 'first to market' rather than the stability and value of the solution the application provides. What I'm interested in is creating a framework using stable online applications to test, evaluate, and rate these applications. In order to do that there must be a 'standard' created to allow for fairness for all the applications. If you're wondering what the benefit of being part of this project, then consider this. There are certain 'core' applications that must be implemented in order to manage this project. This in itself presents a fe