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Removing Internet Explorer 9

Title: How do I remove Internet Explorer 9? While logging into a website, I got a message that my 'browser was too old'.  I was a little miffed, and confused because I was running IE8 and didn't think that qualified as 'old'.  At any rate, I made the mistake of installing IE9.  Here's what I did to remove it. Content: IE9 is currently a pre-release software and you may need to remove it to get back to a production environment. However, when they try to uninstall through add/remove programs, IE9 is not in the program list but listed under Installed Updates. You can remove IE9 Beta using the following steps. 1.      Close all programs. 2.      Click  Start , and then click  Control Panel . 3.      Click  Uninstall a Program under the  Programs category 4.      In the Tasks pane, click  View installed updates . 5.      In the list of installed updates, double-click  Windows Internet Explorer 9 . 6.      In the  Uninstall an update dialog box, click