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Flashing MiFi

On the other hand, sometimes devices can be too small, and I am kind of starting to think that this is a case in point. For example, I really want some sort of battery level indicator. Is the device 90% charged or ten minutes away from being completely dead? It'd be nice to know. There are two indicator lights on the mifi 2200: the button light (which is how you turn the device on and off) and the status light on the edge, adjacent to the micro-USB connector. Each of these can have multiple different colors, as shown in this handy table: LED Color Meaning LED not lit No Power LED BLUE - Solid Device is Powered on and Roaming LED GREEN - Solid Device is powered on and fully charged LED GREEN - Glowing Device is in hibernate LED RED - Blinking Battery is Critically Low. LED AMBER - Solid Battery is Charging LED AMBER - Blinking Error, see Troubleshooting Got it? Four colors , flashing or not flashing, they could actually have eight messages, so Verizon showed a bit of re

Quickbooks Online Connection Problems

Title: Failed to Connect to Quickbooks Content: So you're trying to login to your Quickbooks Onine, using TimeTracker to sync your client, product, and services lists, as well as upload your TimeTracker file. And what happens?? You get greeted with some message about not being able to connect.. .-214blahblahblah Failed to Connect yada yada yada.   If you turn on verbose logging (don't bother with this yet)… then you will find something in the log that says: <SignonDesktopRs statusCode="2020" statusSeverity="ERROR" statusMessage="Session Authentication required">   I searched for it on the Internet and found the following information from other ISV: This error message means that you have login security turned on in QuickBooks Online Edition. Login Security prohibits automated access to QuickBooksOn