Flashing MiFi

On the other hand, sometimes devices can be too small, and I am kind of starting to think that this is a case in point. For example, I really want some sort of battery level indicator. Is the device 90% charged or ten minutes away from being completely dead? It'd be nice to know.
There are two indicator lights on the mifi 2200: the button light (which is how you turn the device on and off) and the status light on the edge, adjacent to the micro-USB connector.
Each of these can have multiple different colors, as shown in this handy table:
LED ColorMeaning
LED not litNo Power
LED BLUE - SolidDevice is Powered on and Roaming
LED GREEN - SolidDevice is powered on and fully charged
LED GREEN - GlowingDevice is in hibernate
LED RED - BlinkingBattery is Critically Low.
LED AMBER - SolidBattery is Charging
LED AMBER - BlinkingError, see Troubleshooting
LED ColorMeaning
LED not litNo Power
LED GREEN - SolidDevice is powered but not transmitting or receiving
LED GREEN - Slow BlinkingDevice is powered on but there is no service
LED GREEN - Intermittent BlinkingTransmitting/receiving data



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