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Change JomSocial Latest Groups Background

Project: Change the Latest Groups background color on a JomSocial website? First of all.. this will tell you how to to change the background...but the bottom line... from where I sit... it isn't worth it.  JomSocial is a piece of crap software...and is owned and operated by the same type of peopl.  They run alot of different software companies.   Bottom line... it's not about being perfect.. but it is about not charging me for a beta product.  Plus... I'm not giving somebody i don't know....SuperAdmin backend access to an ecommerce site, just so they can look at something that has three settings.  Description: If you install JomSocial on the Rocket Theme Panacea - you will get an issue with the color and size of the fonts in the 'Latest Groups" area on the right hand side of the FrontPage when logged into JomSocial . You will have white fonts on a white background, which makes it impossible to read. I'm sure there are many fixes for this… how