About Me

    President of Sales Training And Networking, a small IT company in Middle Georgia. I provide support, guidance, and implementation for small to mid-size businesses.  
    I have provided services to many of the largest companies in Middle Georgia, including Governmental and Educational facilities as well as individuals.   My clients come to me from referrals and those that find me online.
    I follow as much emerging technology as is possible, but are never surprised by something I haven't seen before.  We are all, in the end...mere mortals.  
     I understand that just because someone "likes' you or your product, doesn't mean they "LIKE" you or your product. 
     I use the 5W's to move products forward.  If you know who, what, when, where, and why... the how becomes easier. 

In Chronological Order, I offer this as a list of my experience.   I've covered a lot of territory, and have been considered successful at all of them.
  • Stock boy - retail parts store from the time I could reach the shelves until 8th grade. 
  • Newspaper Carrier - 5th grade through High School
  • Retail Shoe Store = Top sales producer - 10th grade through High School
  • Retail Shoe Store Manager -  1974-76
  • Retail Shoe Store Chain General Manager (42 in my division, 128 stores total) 1976 - 1982
  • Was Part of Team that created an ad that won a National Addy
  • Created a follow up system that grew stores from 14 stores to 42
  • Automotive Sales - Top Producer - Average Month 32 cars - Best Month 56 Cars
  • Automotive F&I Manager - became top F&I manager in GMAC territory
  • Automotive Used Car Manager - Never failed to meet quota in dollars or units.
  • Automotive General Manager - Highly recruited when I decided to leave the business. 
  • Fairs and Festivals Specialty Food Vendor - Using computer skills in 1984 to create a database and mailing list to contact all Fairs in Georgia.  Since this was a novel idea, we quickly became THE vendor in our specialty arena of: 
    • Shaved Ice (think... no one was doing this in 1984 in Georgia)
    • Smoothies - (see above) 
    • Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
    • Steak in a Sack - (Pita Bread Sandwiches)
  • Retail Gift Shop - Created a niche for 7 stores in 2 states, in less than 3 years.  I did my own payroll, sales and inventory management, and marketing.   I sold the stores to focus on Information Technology.
  • Radio Station Sales: after 3 months I was recruited to run a station losing 30K a month.  After 6 months we turned a profit and the station was sold. 
  • Author : 3 years in a Gannett environment, writing a computer help Question and Answer section.  
  • This experience led me to seek and attain certifications with : Microsoft, Linux, Networking, Cisco, Wireless Technologies,  A+, Usability Analysis, .Asp, IIS, Apache, Macromedia, .php, and a plethora of others. My latest technologies include HootSuite, Google Apps, SEO, Twitter, FourSquare, and a few others.
  • Self Employed Web based provider of: hosting, development, seo, forums, wikis, and social integration of platforms.
  • Other things I consider noteworthy:
    • I have been married for 30 years.  I know how to listen.
    • I have four kids.  Two have graduated from college, one manages a business, and the other is still in high school.  I know how to lead. 
    • I successfully lost weight, controlled blood sugar, and had a diagnosis of Diabetes reversed.  I know how to commit. 
    • At 57 I just ran my first half marathon.  My first full marathon is scheduled for November. I know how to implement a plan.
     The thing is... I have alot of experience, in alot of areas. If I can assist you with your project, it will be because I believe that I can help.  If I don't believe that...there is no sense in getting started.       If you feel that I have something to offer in the way of a business relationship...please contact me. 
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