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If You Lay There - You'll Stay There

I could feel the small bits of sand, rocks and asphalt as they did their work on my arms. Not the tops or outer parts of my man-sized forearms, but the less protected fleshy stuff. It's the areas that get exposed when you extend your arms in a futile effort to avoid becoming 'that guy'. You know that guy I'm talking about. The one everybody in the clubhouse is talking about later. "Did you see 'that guy' on mile 7? Did anybody take 'that guy' to the hospital? Whatever happened to "that agony of defeat guy" on the ski ramp in the Wide World of Sports?"


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Three Stooges Answer IT Questions

If you’re in the information technology business, you get questions. Questions that you've answered at least a half dozen times for the same person. And that's just today. They may have asked it a hundred times over the course of the two week project. It's relentless if you want to know the truth about it. Hey, Where's Your Dignity? But in order to keep gas in the car, you have to figure out a way to answer them without offending them. There may be many ways to do that, but all of them fail at some point. For example, if you tell them to "Right click and go to properties", they may say, "I'm on an Apple stupid." Which makes you have to fight the overwhelming urge to yell “I know what you are...but what am I??"

Keyboard Failed (and so did you)

Everything around you says you aren't performing. It's all digital. It's all data driven. It's all the time.   Relentless reminders of how much you should be doing, seeing, or tasting. You're the only person that's never been to Disneyland, used a smart phone, and are overweight. Here's the reality . It's just data. It has very little to do with you as an individual. It's usually based on averages in a database some propeller head thought up.  Here's a newsflash . The data dobbers are just as goofy as the rest of us. Want proof?

Please - If It's Not Too Late

Honey. First off, let me tell you I never meant for this to happen.Losing your trust wasn't what I wanted. If I could go back and undo it, I would. I know that saying it was a mistake doesn't do any good. I've made mistakes before, but never this big. I thought telling you on the phone would make it easier. I thought that if I didn't have to see you when I told you, it might help. Now I feel that was just selfishness on my part. The truth is there's no easy way to tell you. I know there's no excuse, but I do want you to know why it happened. I think I owe that to you. The truth is, I was alone and vulnerable. The temptation was too much and I was weak. She was young, sweet and passionate. I wasn't able to say no. She took advantage of me. It was like you told her how much I like it.