Please - If It's Not Too Late

Honey. First off, let me tell you I never meant for this to happen.Losing your trust wasn't what I wanted. If I could go back and undo it, I would. I know that saying it was a mistake doesn't do any good. I've made mistakes before, but never this big. I thought telling you on the phone would make it easier. I thought that if I didn't have to see you when I told you, it might help. Now I feel that was just selfishness on my part. The truth is there's no easy way to tell you. I know there's no excuse, but I do want you to know why it happened. I think I owe that to you. The truth is, I was alone and vulnerable. The temptation was too much and I was weak. She was young, sweet and passionate. I wasn't able to say no. She took advantage of me.
It was like you told her how much I like it.

So, when you get home tonight the pizza will have pepperoni on it. I know you say you hate it. But after 30 years I also know you scarf those little meaty discs of goodness like they're your last meal. Sure, it gives you late night undercover gas ,so in a way I guess we both will suffer because of my poor decision. I already know that you're going to say that I brought that on myself, but I'll still expect your apology in the morning. Oh... and btw, I still love you.
This post was written as an assignment for a class I'm taking online from Chris Brogan.  The assignment was to write three paragraphs in a 'conversational' tone. The conversation was something that should be 'important' to the listener.  I wound up writing the above 'tongue in cheek' apology to my wife, for ordering a pizza with pepperoni, rather than italian sausage. Chris' notes on my home work asked me if I had ever heard Lyle Lovett's "Here I Am". I promised to give it a listen. Once I did, I felt it fit the feel of the 'tongue in cheek' of the homework!  What do you think? 

And if it's not too late...make it a cheeseburger

Give it a listen! 

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