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Eye of Round Roast Beef… the easy way

     I'll be honest. There were several things that caught my eye about this recipe. The first was that it was so simple.  Turn the oven on... get stuff hot.... turn the oven off... wait for it to cook.  It seemed so easy that I thought I might give it a try.  If it was good, then I'd have something to show for pretty much ZERO work on my part.  If it didn't, then I hadn't spent much trying it (since the meat on this is based on the the eye of round roast.. which is the cheapest cut of meat you can buy).  The reason it's so cheap is because it's so dog gone tough.  When you eat this stuff, it's hard to tell whether you're biting into shoe leather, or if there's actually some piece of meat hidden in there somewhere.  With this recipe... you'll find out that there IS some value to this cut of meat, and you'll look forward to serving it.      The second thing that caught my eye was that ... The recipe says for the oven to stay closed…with the o