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Shamgar Corn Chowder

Title: Shamgar Corn Chowder I decided I was going to spend some time in the kitchen today. The plan was to cut up some fruit I had laying around, and some I had purchased today. Cantelope, watermelon, strawberries, and peaches were on the agenda. When I opened the fridge… I noticed three big ole' pieces of corn that I had wrapped in tinfoil a few nights ago, and baked in the oven. They were still there because…well…. I forgot about them when the meal was served and had left them in the oven as a surprise for my wife later that night. Anyway, I decided I'd make something using them. I spent about 10 minutes looking on the internet for corn chowder recipes, and decided I would make something up instead. It is…after all…the way I prefer to cook. So the ingredients and instructions are below. Ingredients: Hillshire Farms Beer Sausage - 4 dogs cut up about 1/2 inch each Hillshire Farms Kielbosa - cut about 1/2 inch each Three ears of corn (still in the husks) that was left

Google Account 5:15

Project: Google Accounts Description : Why do we setup Google/Gmail accounts? Project Goals: To clear up any questions on what we are trying to achieve by setting up Gmail accounts for customers. It's clear that there is some confusion about why the customers even need it, since they have email accounts that they can use. Why would anyone want to add another email address they would have to check, when it's hard enough to keep up with the ones they already have. It's because of the services that Gmail offers… for free. It's not possible to compete with these services, so we might as well take advantage of them. Plus, these services also help the users participate in promoting their business, collaborating with partners, and have fun while doing it. It is not possible to give all the benefits (SEO, SEF, Profiles, Blogs, etc) of what comes with the creation of the accounts… so we will narrow it down to ten things(services) that we are going to use the a