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Project: Change the Latest Groups background color on a JomSocial website?
First of all.. this will tell you how to to change the background...but the bottom line... from where I sit... it isn't worth it.  JomSocial is a piece of crap software...and is owned and operated by the same type of peopl.  They run alot of different software companies.  Bottom line... it's not about being perfect.. but it is about not charging me for a beta product.  Plus... I'm not giving somebody i don't know....SuperAdmin backend access to an ecommerce site, just so they can look at something that has three settings. 

Description: If you install JomSocial on the Rocket Theme Panacea - you will get an issue with the color and size of the fonts in the 'Latest Groups" area on the right hand side of the FrontPage when logged into JomSocial. You will have white fonts on a white background, which makes it impossible to read.
I'm sure there are many fixes for this… however this is my solution.
Disclaimer: One of the things we presume in this example is that you have FTP access via an FTP application, or via some sort of explorer application your hosting company provides you via a GUI. If none of the previous sentence makes any sense to you, then you probably shouldn't be trying to do this anyway, so please consider hiring a professional to do this for you. If you don't know one…then contact us and we will provide you with a quote for the work. If you try to do the steps outlined here and it breaks your site, causes your girlfriend to leave you, bankrupts your company, or keeps you any other type of grief and sorrow, please be assured that we will not accept responsibility for it. We can probably help fix it, provided you request a little thing we like to call 'an estimate'…which in turn gives us something called 'income' that allows us to pay the 'expenses' which are related to keeping our homes and autos.
Project Goals: Create a step by step explanation of how to manage the colors and sizes of the fonts in the 'Latest Groups" area of a JomSocial installation. Even though this example is for Rocket Theme's Panacea template, the files you would change on any installation would remain the same.
Step by Step
  1. In order to accomplish this you will have to change the code for the display of Latest groups in two files. You have to change the components\com_community\templates\blueface\css\style.css and the \components\com_community\templates\blueface\frontpage.latestgroups.php files . Make copies of those files and put them in a place where you know you can get to them if you need them
  2. First we are going to add a background color to the text area by opening the style.css file…find the code below around line 613. You will need to add the 'background:#eceff5;' to the file. When you're finished, it should look like the area below.
    #community-wrap .frontpage-right .latest-groups li.featured {
    text-align: center;
    margin: 0 0 5px -2px;
    padding: 0;
    width: 214px;
    background: #eceff5;
  3. Now go to somewhere around line 27 and look for the line that says <h2 class="title"> and change it to say "<h4> (removing the class tag). Then go to the line that says </h2> and change it to <./h4> . Basically that area should look like the area below when you've finished.
    <a href="<?php echo CRoute::_('index.php?option=com_community&view=groups&task=viewgroup&groupid='.$group->id); ?>"><?php echo $this->escape( $group->name ); ?></a>
  4. Now save both files and upload them to your server… over writing the ones that are there.
    That's it.. It may not be the way a hard coder would do it… but it does work, and as far as I know it doesn't break anything. If you have a better way, please share.
Other Notes
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Anonymous said…
How can I change the background image from "Get Connected" ?

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