Organic insecticide

Two homemade solutions that are very effective are insecticidal soaps and garlic spray. You can purchase either of these at your local garden center, or make them at home.

Soap is a very popular insecticidal control. I use it myself in combination with ammonia. Simply mix one tablespoon of regular non-concentrated dishwashing soap and one tablespoon of lemon ammonia to one gallon of water. Spray it liberally on your plants. It destroys the
digestive tracts of the insects and kills them within a few hours of ingestion.

To make garlic/pepper spray, liquefy 2 bulbs of garlic and 2 hot peppers in a blender 1/2 to 2/3 full of water. Strain the solids and add enough water to the garlic/pepper juice to make 1 gallon of concentrate. Use 1/4 cup of concentrate per gallon of spray. To make a pure garlic tea, simply omit the pepper and add another bulb of garlic. Add two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses for more control


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