Unverified Email MSN Account

If you are getting an unverified Email MSN Account Message… here is the solution.

  • You must have a .net passport.
  • Use the Passport Network to sign in to MSN Messenger, MSN Hotmail, MSN Music, and other sites and services! The Passport Network works with Windows Live ID.Use an e-mail address you already have.
  • You can use any existing e-mail address from any e-mail provider when you create your credentials for the Passport Network. Then you can use those credentials to sign in to any site on the Passport Network.Pasted from 


  • If you no longer have the email address in question then simply change it to one you do have and verify it by clicking on the link that they send you. 
  • If you have that email address but can't verify it. Simply change the address to another mail address you have, then change it back to the one you want. Then you're FIXED!


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