She Follows Me, She Follows Me Not

Project: Decide on the right process to decide on a 'Following' Policy on Twitter.
Description: Research Twitter following techniques and decide on one.
Project Goals: Determine the best policy when it comes to following Twitter users and write an Area 51 report concerning it.
Results: I found a beacon of light in an otherwise bleak landscape. @lisamariadias I think you are GREAT! After closing my Twitter account about a year ago, I re-registered a few accounts a couple of months back and have slowly been digesting and declining the avalanche of users that have been offering to follow me… in return for my following them. I've even been followiing @GuyKawasaki for a month trying to determine the best policy of following. Guy says follow everybody and everybody follow him. That's just not for me. I actually like to READ the tweets, and I actually write my own tweets. That's apparently an outdated concept according to Guy. After Guy posted some lame remarks about Sarah Palin last week, I decided it was time to look elsewhere for some advice. I found it on Lisa Maries Twitip article here. And if I post it, that means I have read it…unlike some Guys I know. I just don't see how it's productive. I'll post it if I learn something that changes my position on this.

Prediction: Next year's 'Word of the Year' will be unfollow.
Other Notes
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