How do I remove a page from Google?

Project: How do I remove a page from Google?

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Contact: Stan Bush

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Description: I wrote an article called "How to Write Your Google Profile". I mistakenly submitted it twice to my Blogger account "Surfin With Stan". When I realized it, I deleted one of the post…and guess what? The posts were coming up number one and two in the Google results. Since I had deleted one of them, this meant that it was giving a 404 error whenever someone clicked the link. Although they could click back to the results, and hit the second results to find the page, I didn't think this would be the best solution.

Goals for this project:

10 points: Start with the end in mind (see goals)

  1. Removing the missing page that had been indexed by Google was fairly easy. Just login to your Google Webmaster account and go to the site configuration for that domain.
  2. Click on the 'Crawler Access' Tab
  3. Now click on the 'remove url' tab in the middle of the page.
  4. Enter the "New Removal Request" button.
  5. Select the top radio button 'Individual page" and click Next.
  6. Now enter in the url that you want to be removed, select where it's showing up at in Google results..and click "Add"
  7. That's it.. Google will remove the page from it's index. In the meanwhile… to help make sure the right page get's clicked on…
  8. Stay logged into Google and do a search that will bring up your results.
  9. There are new icons at the bottom right hand side of URL's from the same domain that allow you to 'promote' or 'demote' the URL you prefer to be top in the results. This only appears if you are logged in, and you are only allowed to do this if the domain is linked to your profile via the Google Webmaster tool.
  10. Cool huh. And just by the way… it took me less time to perform that function than it did to:
    1. Try and figure out how to ftp into my blogger account
    2. Write this article! By the time I finished writing it, Google had already removed the URL.

Stan Bush

Other Notes: I will be adding images to my posts very soon….thanks for understanding. Hello Joe!


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