RSS Feeds from Blogger to Joomla…and back.

Project: Integration of , and other sites

Company Name : Sales Training And Networking

Contact: Stan Bush

Contact Phone: (478) 227-4736 or (478) 227-4SEO

Contact Email :

Contact Twitter : stanbush

Contact Facebook :

Description: I have a need for various feeds to provide the content for certain sites. This is a solution oriented document on how I got that to work.

Project Goals : Have RSS feeds from Sales Training And Networking - A Joomla Installation, display on Surfin With Stan a blogger/WordPress Installation. We will also do this in reverse and have Surfin With Stan feeds show up on Sales Training And Networking site.

10 points: Start with the end in mind (see goals)

  1. Get the RSS Feeds on Blogger in a usable form.
    1. The easiest way to do this is to go to 'more' in your Google Account and select 'FeedBurner'. Once you activate it the URL for the RSS feed is automatically generated, there are plenty of things for you to edit and change the feed appearance. The main thing is that it will give you the URL for the feed so that it will be easy to post to the Joomla site. I'm using a custom domain so my feed url is for this particular feed. Once in your feedburner page, go to your feeds, click the one you want, click edit details…and it will give you your url. Once you know what the URL is… continue with the steps below.
  2. Post those feeds to the Joomla site
    1. Login to the backend of your Joomla Site.
    2. Go to Components/NewsFeeds/Categories and setup a category for your feed.
    3. After your category is setup Click on the Feeds link in the Menu Bar above 'Filter"
    4. Click New. You should know what to do with the 'Name" "Alias" published and category drop down. The only thing you will really need is the URL that you got in step one above. Just post that url where it says "Link".
    5. Choose the number of feed links to display
    6. Click Save
  3. Get an acceptable format for those feeds: There are many ways to display a feed. Just decide if it's going to be a menu link or displayed using a module. If you need help on that, you can find it in our forums
    1. Enable a syndication module in Joomla. It comes standard, so if you don't have one all you will have to do is go to Modules/add/ and choose 'syndicate'. Just make sure it's published in a place where you can click on it to the RSS url. Very straightforward.
    1. Log into your account and go to your dashboard.
    2. Click on Layot for the blog you want to add
    3. Click on "Add a Page Element." which will open up another window.
    4. Select "Add to Blog" right below "Feed" element. This will allow you to configure the feed.
    5. Get the URL (web address) to the feed you want to add.
    6. Paste the link URL into the "Feed URL" box of the Blogger "Configure Feed" dialog and click "Continue."
    7. Save your changes. After clicking on "Continue," another box will open showing the title of the feed you are adding to your site, an option to choose the number of displayed items, and check boxes to show "Item dates" and "Item sources/authors." Make your choices and then review how the feed will look on your blog. Save it when you like the way it looks.
    8. Position your feed. The element you just added will show up as the top item in your list of elements. Left-click, hold, and drag the feed element to move it to a different slot on the side, or to the top or bottom section of your blog. Click on "Save." when you have it where you want it Then click "Preview" to see how your new feed appears. Use "Clear Edits" to undo the changes and start over
  4. That's it… now you should have feeds going to and from the Joomla site and the Blogger site

Other Notes:

The reason that we want to do this is that we want to be able to feed information into the other sites involving the Sales Training And Networking crew. By doing this we can setup some of the sites to post news of interest without us having to copy, paste, or re-write the article.


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