Setting up RSS feeds in Joomla using Labels in Blogger

Project: Setting up individual RSS feeds using Labels

Description: A project to allow me to use content from a Blogger site, filtered by Labels, to provide specific content for other websites.

Project Goals: Upload a blog entry on Blogger and display on more than one site using Labels to make the content specific to the content of the webpage on a Joomla site.

I wanted to be able to create an RSS feed using Labels on Blogger so that I could create content for a few Joomla sites and only have to enter the article/content once. Feedburner is easy enough to use, but it has no easy mechanism to accomplish this. The reason I would want to do this is so that some readers might want to subscribe only for topics under a specific Label. I found out I could do this by using the following url on my Blogger based site.

Once I do that, all I have to do is burn the feed using Feedburner and then enter that into the RSS feed module on Joomla. If you want to do this on your site, just replace "" with your blog address and "Label Name" with the particular label you want to create the feed from. An example of the final address should look like this:

An example of this would be:

To see how it displays on Joomla visit which displays RSS feeds from this site.

Other Notes: If you need any help with this, just register for an Apprentice account at the Sales Training And Networking site and ask in the forums. Good luck!

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