What makes a blog

Project: What do we need to do in a blog? And Why do we need to do them?

Company Name : Sales Training And Networking

Contact: Stan Bush

Contact Phone: (478) 227-4736 or (478) 227-4SEO

Contact Email : stan@salestrainingandnetworking.com

Contact Twitter : stanbush

Contact Facebook : http://profile.to/stanbush

Description: Why do I write blogs and what are the key things I try to accomplish when I do them?

Project Goals : To explain the key things that you will need to do when you create a blog for STAN, Gawebs, or your own site.

10 Points

  1. I recently created a blog on the site http://www.surfinwithstan.com . The blog is about Google profiles and is titled "How to write your google profile" . You can find it here or you can simply do a Google Search for "How to write your google profile". At the time of this writing it is number 2 AND 3 on Google when searching for that phrase. And that is the point of this paper… to tell you how to do that for the content that YOU will be writing for the websites. I'll be as brief as I can explaining how it works.
  2. The author and subject tags. There is a thing called the 'tag cloud'. It searches and indexes articles and determines what the subject of the articles are about. If you have a site that has a lot of tags about 'Google Voice' then the search engines pick up on that and add relevance to the site. The same holds true for the 'author' tag.
  3. External Links - If you look at the links on the page you will see that it links to sites OUTSIDE of the websites we control, as well as to websites that we do control. This solves two issues with Search Engine Optimization, or at least my understanding of what and how external links work.
    1. External links add 'relevance' to the content to the search engines. In other words, if you link to a site that has similar content, the search engines pick up that you have a site 'relative' to the other article and give it some additional 'weight' in the rankings. By linking to sites outside of our control we pick up some relevance from other articles. Linking to our own sites is just good practice. We aren't trying to trick the search engines, but rather saying 'hey, this site has relative content as well.
    2. Internal links are links that go back to the same site. They help add relevance as well.
  4. Content - Before you write an article, think about the content and what is going to be on it. This article was written using our 10 step guideline. Pick a subject… and write 10 valid points about the subject. Cover the questions of who, what, when, why, where and how as much as possible. Cover the subject as best you can. One suggestion I'd make..is to try and be more concise than I am. My stuff is always a bit wordy… as you can tell.
  5. Documents - by creating the link to the document "Google Profile Document" I have created a resource for promoting the SalesTrainingAndNetworking.com site. This will give us some hits and get the site in front of people who are interested in what we are doing. You should do the same with your articles. Thinking about it, I should change the name of that to "Google Profile Planner" because that is something that someone would search for.
  6. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social network links. Ironically, I didn't put the link to the Twitter account for StanInc.. But I am going to. I did Linked In and Facebook, but had a senior moment concerning Twitter. The reason you do this should be obvious… so that someone might find you through that link.
  7. The link at the bottom of the article for Stan Bush. Notice how that link is actually to http://profile.to/stanbush ? That is my personalized URL on Facebook. Anybody can get one, but not many people know how to do it or why. Those will be some of the services that we will be performing for our clients. The reason I'm pointing it out to you is so that you have more than enough reasons that you can possibly give someone for using our services. As a side note… this is why I am so into 'planners' and 'checklists'.. There is a lot to do and by having a checklist we can get it done more efficiently and not miss steps. You will also notice that I created a link to http://www.google.com/profiles/stanbush. If you want to know if that's working… then search for Stan Bush on Google and look at the bottom of the page. Or just click on the link in the preceding sentence.
  8. The main article page here : http://www.surfinwithstan.com/2009/11/how-to-write-your-google-profile_10.html has a form for people to comment on. Once we get started on this, we should comment on each others articles to add relevance..and therefore help in the indexing as well.
  9. More on Twitter… once we get started, we will create 'tweets' about the articles, with links to them. People will find them and 'retweet' them. This again will send people to our pages and add value to what we are doing.

  10. These are just a few of the notes… and if you've taken the time to read this… and you want to create a better 'blog planner' NATALIE… then use these notes to do it. :-) And PLAN on POSTING the PLANNER as a blog to SalesTrainingAndNetworking!


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