10 Step Easy Captcha Installation

Project: Installing Joomla15Captcha from Kupala.net    

 Description: Captcha is a technology that helps keep spammers from filling out contact us, requests for services, and other types of forms across the web. When you go to a site and have to enter in numbers or letters before you can submit the form, that is a 'captcha' image. The reason that it works is because computers can't read the images. They can read text but not images… so when one of the 'spam robots' or 'spambots' comes visiting your site, it can't enter in the right code to be able to submit the form.
What I can't tell you is what possible purpose it serves for them to submit the spam.
     Project Goals: Create a planner and a blog that will allow me to tell others how to successfully install Kupala.nets 'Joomla15Captcha' on to a website. I had a lot of problems getting this to work, and although the documentation on their forums was extensive… it didn't really resolve anything for me. In other words… it still didn't work. The steps following worked for me, when hosting on the GeorgiaWebs.org servers

10 Steps/Points:

  1. Backup the database of the website you are going to be installing captcha on.
  2. SSH or FTP into the site and download/backup the entire site AFTER the database backup is completed. 
  3. Go to http://code.google.com/p/joomla15captcha/ and download both the extension and Patch. You will need both. 
  4. Install any updates/patches to the core Joomla application at this time. 
  5. Follow ALL the instructions on http://code.google.com/p/joomla15captcha
  6. Extract the patch into it's own directory… so that you have a directory containing all the files of the patch.
  7. Install the extension using the normal extension installation procedure. ( From the administrator / backend login… go to extensions / install/uninstall … and install the extension)
  8. Ftp/ssh the patches directories you extracted earlier, into the correct directories on the server
  9. Login to the backend and to extensions/plugin manager and enable the Captcha plugin, found on the 2nd page. Be SURE to put a number in for the color of the text, or it will NEVER work. You can see how to configure this by going herehttp://code.google.com/p/joomla15captcha/wiki/Installation
  10. That should be it. If you have problems… just ask for help in the http://www.Salestrainingandnetworking.com forums


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