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Project: Introduction to Twitter

Description: This is the basic introduction on how to use Twitter.

Project Goals: To get people signed up and using twitter in about an hour.

10 Steps/Points:

  1. Sign up - go to
    1. Real Name – Your Name
    2. Username – try your name, your nickname, your pets name.. whatever is easy for you.
    3. Password – never give this out
    5. Uncheck the box to keep up with everything
    6. Type in the words that you see in the diagram
    7. Click Submit

  2. See if your friends are on twitter.
    1. I skip this part because I'm not really interested in giving my username and password to people I've never met. For example if I click 'Gmail'.. This is the choice I will be given.
    2. If you choose to allow it to do this, it will search your address books for people that you might now.
    3. Again… I Skip this step

  3. Click on Settings:
    1. Name/User/email… leave alone
    2. More Info Url put your website in there. If you want to put your facebook page in there… here's how : go to Facebook and go to your profile page…
    3. One Line Bio
    4. Location
    5. Enable GeoTagging don't worry about that today
    6. English
    7. Protect My Tweets… this will allow you to see other tweets but they won't be able to see yours.

  4. Password: if you want to change yoru password

  5. Mobile -
    1. Setup a contact on your phone called "Twitter" and use the phone number 40404
    2. Send a text..
    3. for more commands

  6. Notices
    1. When someone follows you
    2. When you receive a direct message
    3. Inside scoop - nahhh.

  7. Picture - this is where you upload your avata

  8. Design

    1. We won't get into all the design features… but you can play with these to figure out when one you want. If you would like to have one created for you more personalized, you should click on the 'change background image' and then browse for your image and upload. If you have graphic skills… you can create your own… such as:

  9. Services we provide:
    1. Domain registration for your own name
    2. Hosting - free and paid.. From $3.99 to $14.99 a month.
    3. You can have your domain pull up your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace page.
    4. Personalization of your Twitter account (backgrounds and other thin

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