Thanks so much Oprah.

If you can do the math... you can figure this one out and you can thank a teacher.  If you can't figure it out, you can thank Oprah... who has helped make it acceptable to mislead people about facts.
In 2004, Oprah “gave” 276 people in her audience brand new cars. The cars were actually donated by Pontiac, but of course it was Oprah who got the rush of publicity surrounding the event, and we all saw clips of grateful, screaming new-car owners. Most of us would be excited if unexpectedly gifted with a new car, but these recipients were particularly happy—letters from friends and family had helped Oprah’s staff select people truly in need of vehicles. The cameras had for the most part turned toward fresher news when, a week later, CNN Money reported that none of those winners could keep the cars they’d been “given” unless they were able to cough up thousands of dollars to cover taxes. The $28,500 value of the cars was taxable income, potentially leaving some recipients on the hook for as much as $7,000 in additional income taxes. The only way to avoid the taxes was to forfeit the car.
For more about Oprah and her ability to con the American Public... go here

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