What is an area 51 Report?

  1. Subject: What is an Area 51 report?
  2. Purpose: To give readers an idea of what an area 51 report is?
  3. Research: None Needed...
  4. Findings: Reports in general take way too much time to write, at least for me. I think I am much omore productive when I time my activities. That is why I created the Are 51 Report. The concept is that it should take 5 minutes to write, and 1 minute to read. That's pretty much the gist of it. No mystery, now secret formula. Try it yourself and I think you'll fine that you can be more productive using this method. All you need is a stopwatch or clock…and the discipline to stop when the buzzer goes off.
  5. Conclusions: Everyone I've sent Area 51 reports to really liked them.
  6. Next Action: Create an area51reports blog and create a one note form to use for the report.
  7. Stumbling blocks : It just seems that some reports will take more than an area 51 report to cover the material.
  8. Solution for blocks: I have to determine if the report fits the project. But I also have to make a commitment and practice the discipline of NOT overcomplicating what the project is.

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