Microsoft ID 101 - Apprentice Level

Project: Microsoft ID Setup and Live 101
Description: Basic Webinar on how to setup your Microsoft Live Account:
Project Goals: Provide the basic background on how to use Microsoft Live ID, so that the future applications will work together.
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Microsoft ID aka Live and even some old timers might call it Passport, is the key to being able to take advantage of Microsoft's vast resources online. This seminar is designed to get you started with it. We will be focusing on:
1. How to set your ID Up.
2. How to setup your Microsoft Instant Messenger.
3. How to add contacts.
4. How to send and receive messages.
5. How to setup categories (groups) for your contacts.
6. How to setup your mobile device.
7. How to send a file.
8. How to open a recieved file.
9. How to change your background.
10. How to change and edit your status.

These are the basic skills on what will be covered during this session. There are many other things that we will be covering in the coming weeks. We will be covering how to make a phone call and even how to make a video call in the upcoming sessions. Other topics will include:

Live Spaces
Office Live
How MSN IM can be integrated and used with
a. Twitter
b. Facebook
c. Shared Documents
d. Shared Calendars
e. Shared Pictures
5. Microsoft Webmaster Tools (Bing and Live)

We hope you attend and look forward to seeing you in the other webinars as well.
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