Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana

If you came here looking for the Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana recipe... it's at the bottom. If you came here because you want to know how to make some potato soup like a man... read on.
Like most people, I had some potatos that were probably going to go bad in the next week or two. Since we are in the middle of what some people call an 'economic rccovery', my family can't really afford to let that happen. While Obama and his cronies (like Jim Marshall - Georgia Democrat) tell us to tighten OUR belt, the truth is they are giving themselves raises... so WE have to learn how to save money where ever we can. Making potato soup is just one of the ways we can save.
If you want the olive Garden thing... then go to the bottom of this page... and have at it. But here's the way I made mine.

What you need;
  • Some Potatos
  • Some Butter
  • Some Onions
  • Some Water
  • Some bacon
  • Some spices (garlic is good)
  • Some Italian Sausage
  • Some chicken boullion
  • Celery and Mushrooms are good too
  • Either Dry Non Fat Milk... or a can of evaporated milk
  • A crock pot
How to cook it
  1. Put some butter in the bottom of the crockpot.  I don't know if it will keep the potatos and stufff from sticking to it, but I do know it tastes good
  2. Cut up the potatos. I do cubes, but I don't think potatos really care how they are cut.  If you want big chunks..do that. Small one...do that.  A mixture of both..that's ok too.  The point is to do them like you want to eat them.
  3. Cut up the onioins and celery.  See above.  Do the same.
  4. Put in the garlic cloves.  Peel em.. slice em... throw em in the pot.
  5. Cut the bacon into about one inch squares and throw it in the pot.

  6. If it's link sausage... then cut it into about 1/2 inch sections.  If it's ground sausage.. just crumble it up into little balls of meat.  Throw it about half of it...stir the potatos and stuff up... and throw the rest in.  It don't matter how much there is.  Nobody's going to turn this down because there's too much meat.  If there's not enough meat in it... they'll just think it's because of your European flair for cooking. 

    • BTW... most directions say to cook the meat before you put it in the crock pot.  The reason I don't do that is because it creates more dishes to wash.  I'm just trying to get something in my gut that tastes good.  The meat is going to cook in the crockpot anyway... so why bother.

  7. How much water depends on whether you have dry non fat milk, or evaporated milk.  If you have dry non fat milk... then cover the stuff in the pot...and then pour in some of the non fat milk. Put enough in it so that it looks sort of transparent.  If you don't put enough in the first time, don't worry about it... you can add some more in step 9.  If you are using evaporated milk... then pour it in first and then add enough water to cover the stuff.

  8. Add the beef boulliion cubes (or.. you could just add salt, pepper, italian seasonings, cajun, or whatever spices you like) and turn the crockpot on high.

  9. Stir it up every hour and tastes the broth.  If it tastes ok... leave it alone.  If it needs something... add it.

  10. After about 6 hours... put it in some bowls and eat it.
I promise..this will be the best potato &; sausage soup you've ever tasted.  Why?  Because you made it like a men.

Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana: Tuscan Soup Recipe made at the restaurant: "Olive Garden® Zuppa Toscana
This is a much requested recipe on the site given its name! Someone who used to work at the Olive Garden sent in the original recipe and I've adapted it to serve just 6-8. Try it since it is really yummy!
It is a very good soup and hits the spot on cold winter days. I've included this and a few other Olive Garden-inspired recipes on the site for all of our visitors that enjoy eating at the restaurant chain. In my opinion, making these recipes at home makes them even better than the ones you eat at the restaurant! :)
Makes: 6-8 servings
1 lb ground Italian sausage
1½ tsp crushed red peppers
1 large diced white onion
4 Tbsp bacon pieces
2 tsp garlic puree
10 cups water
5 cubes of chicken bouillon
1 cup heavy cream
1 lb sliced Russet potatoes, or about 3 large potatoes
¼ of a bunch of kale
Sauté Italian sausage and crushed red pepper in a large pot. Drain excess fat, refrigerate while you prepare other ingredients."


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