Review of Vovici's Inbound Blogging Factory Webinar

Project: Vovici's Inbound Blogging Factory Webinar
Description: This is a review of Vovici's Inbound Blogging Factory Webinar on Hub-Spot. Vovici's Jeffrey Hanning has made a name for himself as a prolific blogger, and a visionary of how to create inbound marketing websites. You can view this webinar online by signing up here Download the Free On-Demand Webinar Now This review is being done in November of 2010
Project Goals: To here what Jeffrey has to say and glean ideas from it for my projects. Specific projects are:
Notes /Highlights of the Webinar
  • Frequency of blogs vs number of inquiries from Website
    • Multiple blogs a day - 100% have had inquiries
    • Daily - 90% have acquired customers
    • 2-3 Times a Week - 69% have acquired customers
    • Weekly - 58% have acquired new customers
    • Monthly - 38% have acquired new customers
    • Less than monthly - 13% have acquired new customers from web
  • Blog Generation Work Flow:
    • Ideas
      • Simply thoughts that you might want to blog from
    • Notes
      • Half formed blog posts
    • Posts
  • Idea Mangement System
    • Research
      • What are the categories?
        • Topic Buckets = labels
      • Put the idea in the category/label
    • Warehouse
      • Half finished ideas in storage
      • Outlines of posts
      • Half baked ideas
        • Just things that you are interested in
        • Combine different ideas to make it more interesting
        • Dan Zarella -
      • Use send to OneNote?
    • Assembly
      • This is where you put the ideas into posts.
      • Use White Papers
        • Don't make posts 5 part series
          • Too easy to just move past them
        • Publish posts individually
        • When done, write a roundup post linking to all the rest.
      • SEO and Blog optimizer stuff
        • Twitter
        • Facebook links
        • Linked In
        • Plaxo
        • RSS
        • Email
      • It's a job… do it.
    • Team
      • Industry Expert
      • Good Writer
      • Social Media Marketer
      • Unconventional Sources
        • Recent Grads
        • People with home based businesses
        • Journalist
      • Split up duties
        • Editors
        • Posting Schedule
        • Hiring a journalist
      • Flow
        • Ideas
        • Notes
        • Draft
        • Review
        • Optimize
        • Publish
        • Promote
          • Twitter
        • Monitor
        • Improve
    • CapEx - Capitol Expense
      • Topic research
        • Survey house lit or current readers to determine what topics they want covered
      • Great source of original content
        • Things that you know people who are subject matter experts.
    • Plant - Where are you blogging?
      • What platform?
        • HubSpot
        • Squidoo
        • Blogger
When are best times to tweet?
  • Thursday and Friday's
  • Blog to leads
  • Blogs to traffic
  • Blogspot roi
  • There was plenty of information in this webinar for people looking for a blogging platform.
  • The process that they use for creating blogs is very well structured. It's similar to what I do.. Except they actually practice it.
  • Their surveys were confusing and didn't match what the narrator said they were talking about. Yes…they were close, but they sometimes referred to numbers that didn't match what the survey was actually about. At least that was my take on them.
  • For example: The numbers of blogs posts per month and the number of customers they got from the posts was sort of 'mashed' together and used to prove two points that were really unrelated to the polls.
Summary: This was as informative webinar with plenty of information concerning starting a blog. It may have 'been there'…but I didn't find enough 'how to' meat in the webinar. That could be because I'm not really a newbie in the arena, and was looking for something a little different. I was looking for some 'wow' factors. About the only 'wow' factor I got was 'WOW… I do it very much the same way this guy does…and he's rich!"
If you're pretty new at the concept of blogging, and you're looking for a good webinar to watch at your own pace and take notes….this is one that you'll probably enjoy.
It simply wasn't my cup of tea.
Brain Storm:
  • Sources for ideas?Idea Factory -
    • get ideas about the categories/labels from
      • Prospects
      • Customers
      • Co-workers
      • Social media conversations
      • Communities
      • Surveys for a series of posts
      • Spin off posts
      • Phrases
      • Comment to past posts
  • Places I would use this for?
    • All of those mentioned in the goals
  • Create a form for the idea process?
  • Create a poll for the idea process?
  • Create the form for recipes men like
  • Non-Profits - Inbound Marketing
    • Calls to action -
      • Click here to find out how to volunteer
      • Click here to donate
      • Click here to find out how you can help
      • Click here to
Next Action:
  1. Create the structure for the websites:
    1. Ideas
    2. Notes
    3. Published
    4. Templates
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