How do I change the message "This Phone Belongs To"

Project: Changing the default message for Droid's home screen
Description: How to change the default message on your droid when using AntiVirus Free to something cool and more meaningful to you, the user.
Project Goals: Keep a documented solution to changing the default message on a Droid using AntiVirus Freeof January 2011.
DROID - Message "This Phone Belongs To"
Why am I receiving the message "This Phone Belongs To" when I power up my phone?

This message is part of a third party application called Antivirus Free.
When you power up your phone it will display:
This phone belongs to
protected by antivirus
You do not have the ability to disable this feature within the app, however you can add your name.
To add your name:
  1. From the applications menu, touch antivirus
  2. Touch Menu
  3. Touch Settings
  4. Touch Remote Management
  5. Touch Lost Message
  6. Touch Text before to change "This phone belongs to"
    Touch Contact Information to select a contact. (This is the name and number that will display)
    Touch Text after to change  "protected by antivirus"

The only way to remove this from the screen is to uninstall the application.
To uninstall:
  1. From the applications menu, touch Market 
  2. Touch Menu
  3. Touch Downloads
  4. Touch antivirus free
  5. Touch uninstall
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall.

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