Super Fancy Sugar Free Fat Free Jello Dessert

Yeah. I know. Sugar free, fat free Jello and fancy don't even sound good. But when you throw in 'that even a man can make' it sounds more interesting, or at least it sounds like something you can throw on the counter and give us guys something that you can 'reasonably' expect to come out right. So here's the dealio...
Whut ure gonna knead...
1 - box of your favorite flavor Sugar Free Jello stuff
1 - box of Fat Free Sugar Free Vanilla Instant Pudding
1 - container of whipped cream.. Fat free
Now.. fire up the grill and put a pan of water on it. When the water gets hot enough that it has those little bubbles popping up in it on a pretty regular basis, pour some of it in a bowl about the size of a mite league football helmet. If you like it weak, or if more people came to your SuperBowl party than you invited... pour a bunch of water. If you like it strong, or aren't planning on sharing any of it... pour less water. The more water...the weaker the flavor, but the bigger the number of servings.
Now add the Jello mix..( I know.. I know.. both boxes say Jello on 'em... use the one with the clear lookin' but colored stuff first.) After you get that mixed up pretty good... add the Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix. Stir that up until there ain't no streaks left. Now add the cool whip. Stir that in there pretty good, but it don't really matter if it gets all mixed up or not. For some the cool whip is sort of a 'reward' for putting up with the other jello-ee stuff. Anyway, when you get it stirred up...put the whole thing in the fridge to get firmed up. It takes longer if you open the fridge, plus the only way to test it is by sticking your finger in it and people will be able to see where you done that.
Other tips for the epicuriously challenged...
If you use a small box of jello, use a small box of pudding. If you use the big box of Jello, use the big box of Pudding. This ain't rocket scientist stuff. It's jello. You eat it. If you don't think it's creamy enough…then add another box of pudding or whipped cream. I use the sugar free stuff because I have diabetes. If I didn't have diabetes, I'd use the sugar stuff and probably add even more sugar. Then again.. That may be why I have DB in the first place.
If you get stuck making this recipe.. I don't know what to tell you. Boiling water ain't that hard.

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