What tools am I using for this?

I'm being asked that by friend, relatives and drive by browsers so let me get a quick list of the tools I'm using at this point.

  1. iPhone 4 - from ATT with a 2G plan.  I use the camera for shots. 

  2. OneNote 2007 - but only to help organize what I'm going to be doing that day

  3. Blog press - to write and publish everything

  4. Fiverr - to get some quick logos, favicons and other images.

  5. Google chrome plugin timer to keep me on the Pomodoro routine.  25 minutes on..5 minutes off. 
I use these tools because they are probably within the budget of most people. The exception maybe the IPhone and ATT's data plan.  You can do this on your computer just as easily...I think.(Although I haven't really found a good tool for multi-publishing the blog across all platforms yet.
I'm headed out for my daily track able run and this image is the view I'm enjoying. Just one of the benefits of having a Focus that includes Fitness.
It's all about the who, what, when, where, and why of things. How is determined after all of those have been answered.


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