All Writers Face This Challenge

     Writing interesting blog content is work. Regardless of past successes, each blog post starts the same. A blank page waiting to be turned into something useful. There is no evidence of the content it will contain. Will it be an exercise of love, passion and creativity?  Or will it be reduced to a technical representation of a process? At the beginning, you simply can't tell.  There's nothing there. It's the same for everyone. All pages are created equal.  At least in the beginning.

     It can be a painful process.  Fortunately there are ways you can ease the pain. The choice of painkiller is critical.  Motrin works on some pain. Aspirin works on another.  Using the right stuff will ease your pain.  Use the wrong medication and you'll get no relief. 
     I wrote newspaper articles for three years in the mid 90's.  I learned how to face the challenge on a deadline.  I found a solution that worked.  I found an audience that wanted to read my articles.   
     My next six posts will describe that solution. I have shared it with others that found it helpful. Perhaps you will too.  
     Here are the headlines for these articles. 
  1. What Makes Content Interesting
  2. Finding The People Who Think You're Interesting
  3. Can Writing Be Reduced To A Process
  4. The Bigger The Ears, The Harder They Call
  5. Connecting Doesn't Start By Invading
  6. Congratulations. You Have Work To Do.
     Writing these will start with the same challenge.
Open your blog panel and click "New Post" to experience this yourself.


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