Fixing Broken Promises

     I have invested a lot in OneNote.  I  sync it clumsily with an Amazon Cloud Bucket to all my devices.  I use Mozilla's S3 Organizer extension to do that mostly.  I use Mobile Noter to sync my Iphone with the important Notebooks.
     I'm still using 2007 and won't upgrade to 2010.  Microsoft's SkyDrive limits file size to 50MB including OneNote.  My file size is approaching 2GB.  Moving everything to a different app will very soon be a requirement.  
     I'm experimenting with Google apps a lot now hoping it's the solution.  I have tried a lot of applictions thus far.  A short list is Evernote,  Awesome Note,  MobleNoter, Wunderlist, Nozbe, and Momento.  All are purchased, fully licensed versions.

     I like Moleskin's, but I've dropped just about all paper systems.  I use my Iphone recorder to take my notes and store them on Google Drive.  I use Dragon to convert to text sometimes. I pump that text into one note.  I use send to OneNote to keep track of Internet Notes. I've never heard of Circus Ponies until today.  The first thing I noticed on the page was a promise they can't keep. "Get the promotion and raise that you want"  Really?  Just from using your software? 
     This made me think  about Chris Brogan's Master Blog Class.  Chris asserts early on that "You Owe Your Reader's A Promise".   I couldn't agree more.  I dislike reading anything that never seems to resolve much.  The fact is though, broken promises are all around us.  It isn't just about reading material.  The current global economy is a result of broken promises.  Developers, bankers, athletes, teachers, dentists and even pastors have all participated.  And so have you and I to varying degrees.
     The only way to move forward is by fixing what's broken.  My question is "how do we do that?"
     I believe writing is one way to start!  In order to improve my writing skills, I must practice. I must practice daily and with purpose.  I have to leave my comfort zone.  I have to trust in promise made to myself.  A promise that I would find a better note taking software.  And if I can't trust me...who can I trust? 
     Any suggestions would be appreciated.  
Microsoft OneNote 2010 S26-04133 is not the answer for me, but perhaps it may be for you.


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