Google Shortcuts You'll Use

     Google Search is very powerful. Using it correctly can help you find just about anything.  Right now I happen to be taking a Google class concerning advanced searching. I've been really surprised by how simple some of the tasks that we do every day could be done so much easier.  I think it's because we want to add some level of sophistication and expertise to or searches.... when really we should stick with the K.I.S.S. Methong ( Keep It Simple Stupid). Some of the really easy to remember, but effective searches are below.  Try them and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  1. Weather: Your Zip Code ... get a condensed 3 day forcast. 

  2. Sunrise: Your Zip Code or City .. find out when the sun will rise tomorrow. 

  3. Movie:Name of Movie   ..... Wallace and Gromii 6:15 Capitol Theatre

  4. Stocks : get a quote ..........stocks:APL 

  5. define:word   .... get a definition of the word
Try them out.  I think you'll find them handy.  If you need more tips you can find quite a few here 

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