Most Social Experts - Aren't!

     I was responding to a post earlier today, in a different channel when I wrote an expression that sort of surprised me.  "Most Social Experts - Aren't!"  I know it's a very simple statement, but those are in fact the best kind for me.  Most of the time if I get into a discussion about things like this, it turns argumentative because sometimes I don't know how to address these types of issues.  In the effort to K.I.S.S this.. I'll break it into my normal 5 points so I can give you "The Fifty One" on it.
  1. Just because you can send out 200 tweets a day means nothing.  Most people are used to your noise and aren't reading it anyway. 
  2. Just because you are at the top of Google Organic search when someone searches for 'Social Experts in BuckTooth Iowa that drive Plymouths' means less than you can imagine.  Besides, that's more of an SEO thing. 
  3. When is the last time that you engaged someone you didn't know through ANY Social Media Channel in a way that caused them to buy something... from YOU?  Has it ever happened?  
  4. So you have a Facebook page with 10,000 likes.  OK. I can buy that at Fiverr for less than $25. 
  5. Are you sure you aren't a 'Social Influencer" rather than a "Social Expert"?  
So the "Fifty One" on this is simple.  It's easy to say you're an expert on something that most people have a hard time understanding what it is that you're claiming to be an expert about.  In the end.. productivity is still King of the Castle, and sales revenue is what pays the Kings ransom.  A Social Influencer can move people to do things,  but only on the short scale.  They are always good to have in your corner for when you need some immediate response on stuff.   If you need longer term, then you should look for something like a Brand Advocate.  A true "Social Expert" will know the difference.  The ones I know that come closest to expert status at this point are Chris Brogan, and possibly Lisa Marie Dias*The Fifty-One refers to 5 minutes to write, 1 minute to read. 


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