My Experience

In Chronological Order, I offer this as a list of my experience. Be warned : I've covered alot of territory, and have been considered successful at all of them.

  • Stock boy - retail parts store from the time I could reach the shelves until 8th grade. 
  • Newspaper Carrier - 5th grade through High School 
  • Retail Shoe Store = Top sales producer - 10th grade through High School 
  • Retail Shoe Store Manager - 1974-76 
  • Retail Shoe Store Chain General Manager (42 in my division, 128 stores total) 1976 - 1982 Was Part of Team that created an ad that won a National Addy Created a follow up system that grew stores from 14 stores to 42 
  • Automotive Sales - Top Producer - Average Month 32 cars - Best Month 56 Cars 
  • Automotive F&I Manager - became top F&I manager in GMAC territory Automotive Used Car Manager - Never failed to meet quota in dollars or units. 
  • Automotive General Manager - Highly recruited when I decided to leave the business. 
  • Fairs and Festivals Specialty Food Vendor - Using computer skills in 1984 to create a database and mailing list to contact all Fairs in Georgia. Since this was a novel idea, we quickly became THE vendor in our specialty arena of: Shaved Ice (think... no one was doing this in 1984 in Georgia) Smoothies - (see above) Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Steak in a Sack - (Pita Bread Sandwiches)
  • Retail Gift Shop - Created a niche for 7 stores in 2 states, in less than 3 years. I did my own payroll, sales and inventory management, and marketing. I sold the stores to focus on Information Technology
  • Radio Station Sales: after 3 months I was recruited to run a station losing 30K a month. After 6 months we turned a profit and the station was sold. 
  • Author : 3 years in a Gannett environment, writing a computer help Question and Answer section. This experience led me to seek and attain certifications with : Microsoft, Linux, Networking, Cisco, Wireless Technologies, A+, Usability Analysis, .Asp, IIS, Apache, Macromedia, .php, and a plethora of others. My latest technologies include HootSuite, Google Apps, SEO, Twitter, FourSquare, and a few others. 
  • Self Employed Web based provider of: hosting, development, seo, forums, wikis, and social integration of platforms. Currently I am working to increase my writing skills 
  • Other things I consider noteworthy: I have been married for 30 years. I know how to listen. I have four kids. Two have graduated from college, one manages a business, and the other is still in high school. 
  • I know how to lead. I successfully lost weight, controlled blood sugar, and had a diagnosis of Diabetes reversed. I know how to commit. At 57 I just ran my first half marathon. My first full marathon is scheduled for November. 
  • I know how to implement a plan. 
The thing is... I have alot of experience, in alot of areas. If I can assist you with your project, it will be because I believe that I can help. If I don't believe that...there is no sense in getting started. If you feel that I have something to offer in the way of a business relationship...please contact me.


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