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     Are you feeling the crunch to come up with topics every week for your blogging and newsletter efforts? Are you worried that you're stuck in the same rut, and haven't really created anything breakthrough lately? What if I knew about a product that could help with that?
      Yes, I'm about to sell you something, but it's something I believe in, and I believe it will be helpful to you.      
     Blog Topics is a 45-week long writing and blogging education sent to you via email. In each letter, you get writing advice, tips, resources, and over 10 complete writing prompt ideas per message. Every week, you get something new, with different themes, different areas of interest, and different angles to help you connect with your readers and deliver business value.
      This program was created by Chris Brogan, a New York Times bestselling author and someone whose blog is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150. I subscribe to Chris's newsletter and really enjoy what he does. I believe you will, too. Do you want to learn more?  Go Here! (affiliate link)
Trust Agents By Brogan, Chris/ Smith, Julien

Thanks for stopping by. The 'Fifty One on this" refers to the methods that I've created to organize my personal and business life. It has increased my personal time and my income. If you would like to find out more about how this works and his services, please contact us Here


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