Do Walk Breaks Slow You Down?

     I've only been running for 20 months now.  I've been committed to it and have enjoyed the benefits. Having never been a runner before, I looked for help.  I started using Jeff Galloway's phone app on Day One. Walk breaks seemed to help, especially with distance.  They helped me complete my first half marathon. I will complete my first marathon in November 2012.  Jeff's application is written by LOLO.  The have other health related apps as well.

     I liked LOLO's running application, but each upgrade presented challenges. After upgrades, I lost all data and that's unacceptable. It's not even up for discussion.   So, I began looking for alternatives.  I found through a friend and marathoner. It has replaced LOLO as my application for runs. With RunKeeper I can create routes and goals.  I can listen to podcasts, music, or books while running. I can setup my own schedule of walk/run breaks.  You can vary the lengths of walk/runs in the same session.  It's very flexible, but has it's issues as well.   But that's not the focus of this blog entry.
     I've been running using various break times. Sometimes it's 3 running 1 walking.  Other times is a series of running increasing by one minute each cycle. My time has been consistent, but I wanted to increase speed.  This morning I ran 4.31 miles without a walk break. I ran at a comfortable pace I knew I could sustain. (Pay no attention to the 16:47 current pace. That's a BUG).  Here's the Fifty One on what I learned:

  1. I'm just a bit faster using walk breaks. (Just like Jeff said I would be)
  2. I'm no more tired using walk breaks than without. 
  3. Attempting to insert a walk break at 3 miles is not a good idea.
  4. I burn up more calories using breaks. 
  5. I can handle upping my run time if necessary. 
In summary:  The Walk/Run method is just as Jeff said it was.  I'm just a little faster taking the breaks.  I prefer the app at this point.
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