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     You faced the challenge and have written your first article. You gave consideration concerning what makes content interesting. The article you wrote speaks to the heart of the matter. Everyone that reads it is moved by it's subject. You're a shoe in for the New York Times Best Seller list. And it's likely that you'll be nominated for the Pulitzer. All that has to happen is for others to read it. So how's that going to happen? Get ready for some new challenges.

     First you must locate yourself on the readership map. You can't draw a route without a place to start. To determine this you will need to know a couple of things.
  • How many readers do you have now? 
  • How many readers do you want? 
  • How will you track the growth? 
  • How long do you expect it to take? 
     Don't think you can get by without answering those questions.  You must answer them before moving forward.  You must write them down. If you don't know how to, hire someone who can. Now you are ready to start mapping your route. Here are the stops that you need to include as far as your readership.

  • Create a list of current friends, neighbors and clients. 
  • Send everyone an email announcing your blog. 
  • Send them an announcement each time you post a new article. 
  • Do this for the first month. After that, they should know if they want to be subscribed or not. 
  • Search for similar blogs.  Comment on them ONLY if they are interesting. Do not inttrude. 
  • Search for similar businesses and comment on their sites. 
  • Search for places where you can post content for free.
  • Search for places you can guest blog. 
Advanced Methods
  • Automate four Twitter announcements for each blog. 1 per quarter for the next year.
  • Automate four Facebook announcements for each blog. 1 per quarter for the next year.
  • Automate four Google+ announcements for each blog. 1 per quarter for the next year.
  • Automate four LinkedIn announcements for each blog. 1 per quarter for the next year.
This is what you will need to track.
  • Check the status of your progress twice a week. You want to check to see if the number of subscribers has increased as well as how many views the page has each day. 
     If you need some help with coming up with people to contact… please use my easy to understand Contact List!   Just fill in the list with people you know. Then email or call them and invite them to do business with you . It's just that simple

     If you need help setting up your system to automate the processes described, please contact us!

     Thanks for stopping by. The 'Fifty One on this" refers to the methods that I've created to organize my personal and business life. It has increased my personal time and my income. If you would like to find out more about how this works and his services, please contact us Here

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