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     Blogger can now be associated with your Google+ Profile!  If you're already using Google Apps, Google+ and Blogger, you're profile is probably already associated with your blogger account.  If not, maybe it's time you looked at it.  I use the paid Google Apps account, and I lean towards using as many of the Google Apps Suite as possible.  There are many reasons for it, and without further ado here is the "Fifty One" on why you should do this.

  1. Single Point of Sign On - Google logins are common all across the web now.  Change your password in one place, and it changes it in all of the places you use your Google account to login. 
  2. Setting up Google Apps on your phone is a piece of cake.  If you use it, it syncs automatically and there is no need to download or learn any tools. 
  3. Enable IMAP and you can view, edit, and maintain your email account with ease.  Again, there is no need to sync.  It's just part of the benefits package. 
  4. Documents - (now called Drive).  you can continue to pay for upgrades on your Office Products, or you can just use Google Apps.  Creating, Sharing, and Editing your files is easy...and again, can be done from anywhere.
  5. Because it's all part of Google, your blogs will be indexed and become findable at breakneck speed. 
     I could really write all day about the benefits.  If you want to know more just contact me. 

Thanks for stopping by. The 'Fifty One on this" refers to the methods that I've created to organize my personal and business life. It has increased my personal time and my income. If you would like to find out more about how this works and his services, please contact us Here

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