Wasting Time With Habits

     First of all, this title is for a class assignment.  I'm taking Chris Brogan's Blog Master Class (affiliate link) and we are testing titles. This post test two things. One concerns using an image for a title. The other concerning a book that's quite popular in the class. Everyone in the class is all gooey over the book. At this point, I'm not.
     But I haven't finished it. Which is the point in my title for this assignment. Why buy the book if you're not going to finish it?  Why buy the book if you're not going to hear the whole concept?  Why not just go fishing, golfing, shopping. or play guitar for 10 hours?  Whatever it is that you enjoy.  Go do that. In the end it will be more productive for you anyway.  It'll even reduce your stress level and improve your health.
     Here is the image of the title I posted in class.
     I bought the book through Audible and am listening to it during my daily morning run. It comes in two parts. Each part is 5 hours long. Yeah. That's 10 hours total.  And here is the "The Fifty One" on the book for me at this point:

  1. I already know who Tony Dungy is.  I already know about his coaching methods.  It's boring to keep droning on about it.  Say it and just shut up.
  2. The story about the guy who can't remember what he did two minutes ago. Yeah. I get it. I'm like that myself. Interesting? The first time I heard it, yes.  The 80th time, not so much. 
  3. Is there ever going to be anything at all about implementation? So far the first five hours could have been condensed into "People have habits. You're a person. Not all your habits are good.  You can change them if you want.  Ready... GO!"
  4. I watched your interview with Chris Brogan. You are a lot more interesting than Mike Chamberlain. This is the second book I've listened to that he narrated.  It won't happen again. Take a cue from Larry Winget. If the next five hours are more of the same, I'm going to be pissed.
  5. I'm not a New York Times Best Selling Author.  You are. What do I know anyway?  For starters I know I don't WORK at the New York Times.  (Gee, maybe he knows something or somebody I don't) I'm going to finish the book, regardless
     All the above taken into account.  If he turns the corner in the next five hours and gives me something of value, good for him. If I listen to it and it helps, good for me. But he better get to it.  Fast. If not, I should have listened to Kenny Rogers and Seth Godin. I should have known when to fold them and quit. 
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Please post your comments below! I'd like to know your take on this.

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