Why Set It Up?.

     If you aren't going to use it? I don't know how many times I have done this.  Not only for me, but for my clients. I spend time setting up technology that never gets used. Applications, website, blogs, and ezines..just sitting there.
     A perfect example of this is BlogPress on my Iphone.  I purchased BlogPress to create 5 Minute Blogs easily.  And it does that fairly well.  The problem is that I don't use it!  Why not?   Do I enjoy wasting my time?  Certainly not.  Was the plan thought out?  Absolutely.  I created a list of requirements.  I created a list of applications.  I installed the applications and tested them. I can produce the documentation comparing various applications. So what happened? 
     Let's take a look at the requirements, applications and hardware.  This will help identify the problem.  Maybe there is still a chance for the concept. Maybe my logic, work, and plan will come to fruition.  Here's the Fifty One on the project:
  1. Create two blogs online with the same content.  One of them using Blogger. One of them using Wordpress.  DONE!
  2. Find a blogging application that interfaces with both!  DONE!
  3. Find a MOBILE blogging application that interfaces with both!  DONE!
  4. Find a multi-platform TIMER application to limit post to 5 Minutes! DONE!
  5. Find application that will automate post to Social Sites! DONE
Ok, so the problem must be me. What did I change about the original plan?  Easily identifiable.  I added the 'branded' LABELS to the mix. This requires me to handle the graphic twice. I need to drop that concept and just post raw images. 
Summary:  If you want to post to multiple blogs from one screen.  I can help. The process involves Google Apps, DNS, Blogger, WordPress, BlogPress, Notepad, Onenote and a smart phone.  Contact me if you'd like to do this without headaches. 


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