Finding A Filing System That Works For You

Clean The Desk Already

My desk needs work. It's better today than it was yesterday though, and will be better after this fastblogging exercise. It's not that I don't have a system for keeping up with 'stuff'. I have plenty of those. Here's an abbreviated list starting from the left side of my desk.

43 Folders

A 1-31 and Monthly File Folder box. Not the 3.5 or 4.6 index card type, but the 8.5 x 11 full size clear plexiglass box. You're supposed to rotate the cards and content daily. By moving the card representing today's date to the back of the box, all your stuff stays current. Apparently everyday is June 12th.

Standard Two Tray IN - OUT System

Two level stackable trays labeled “Inbox” and “File”. Just looking at them has inspired me. After this exercise they will be given more appropriate labels of "Trash" and "Burn".

Getting Things Dumped System

Next in line is a tray that has plastic dividers and lays flat. The dividers have very important labels on them like Mom, James, Natalie, Arthur and Steven. I put notes, letters, and other stuff in them so I can go over it individually as necessary. James is 26, Natalie is married, Arthur graduates from UGA this semester, and Steven decided his name should be Steve. If this is here to remind me I have children AT&T’s “family plan’ does that on a monthly basis. This has to go.

Is This A Trusted System? 

Finally there is another tray that is the same make/model as the one with the kids on it. Only two dividers are labeled. The labels are 'receipts' and "payables". I think I see a better purpose for the "Inbox" and "File" trays now.


The right side of my desk is organized using my Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Fun system. Everything is where it should be. This is they way I think. This is the way I can function This is the way I should operate. I’m going for it. Damn The Torpedoes

Your Solution

I don't know. That would be for you to figure out. But I'll bet when you find it, you're going to really like it. 

Today's Results

  • Two Tiered Tray labeled payables and receipts (Finance)
  • The Spiritual Journal, Transforming Grace (Faith)
  • The Impact Equation (with WorkBook) - (Finance)
  • Planner for "My Own Book" - (Fun)  
  • Books On Shelf for Easy Access - 
    • A Fathers Legacy - Family
    • The Love Dare - Family
    • Galloway's Book On Running and "First Marathons" - (Fitness/Fun)
    • Great Body Great Life - (Fitness)
    • 30 Day Diabetes Miracle (Fitness)
    • ZLimm notebook

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