You Can Get Things Done in Ten Minutes

Have you ever wondered what you could do to get more done in a day? Or are you happy with the amount you get done, you'd just like to get it done quicker? Whatever your goal is, the Ten Minute Day can help you.
If you're wondering what the Ten Minute Day is and why you haven't heard of it, it's because I haven't written it yet. But get ready, because it's coming. And it's going to help you get more stuff done than you thought you could.

 How Many People Are Using This Method? 

 I can't say it's worked for thousands, or even hundreds. It's more like 'it's worked for tens of people.', 32 to be exact. But that's just the people that I've helped. There must be thousands of people that use this concept, but just haven't written about it.

 Why Does It Work? 

 The reason it works is because it doesn't take a whole bunch of tools to implement AND the ones that it does use work about 99% of the time. They are all platform and device independent, meaning it doesn't really care if all you have is a phone that has text only, and no internet. You can still use this system in some way. And you can trust it to work 99% of the time. It's what David Allen referred to in his Best Seller 'Getting Things Done". I trust this system. I use it. And so can you. It's Sustainable Technology.

 What's Does Sustainable Technology Even Mean? 

 Well, it has nothing to do with saving trees, hugging whales, or global freezing. All it means is that it's something that you can do, regardless of your situation...99% of the time. All you need is a task and ten minutes. Of course, it helps if you have a timer, but if you don't you'll still be able to find a clock to help keep time. That's it. Nothing secretive about that. Just pick ten things that you want to get done in the morning and then take ten minutes to do each of them. You can hard schedule them into a calendar if you want. But what works is to just write them down, and choose which one of them you want to do whenever you take a break.

Why Does It Work? 

 Let's take this post. I'm in the middle of creating my editorial calendar, creating all the documents for the Ten Minute Day, and cooking dinner for my wife and kids. I've already done the laundry, washed the dishes, took out the trash, and watered the garden. Each of those was done during 10 minute breaks. I decided that although my editorial calendar isn't completely planned out yet, I needed to write. So I wrote this. In Ten Minutes. It really is that simple. Chris Brogan calls it 'Day Quilting', or something like that.

What About The Ten Minute Planner? 

Go get what's done by following the links below. Not much there yet, but there is enough to get started. The planner will be completed by Jan 1, 2013 and I'll be adding more links along the way. By that time, there will be a new website in place.

  • Ten Minute Morning 
  • Ten Minute Dash Planner 
  • Ten Minute Editorial Calendar 
 You'll noticed that these aren't real fancy. The reason is because they are designed to be used on any device, on any platform, and anywhere. It's one of the guiding principals of the Ten Minute Day. Ten Second Tutorials? Yes. That's next on the agenda. Why watch a 30 minute video when the stuff you really want to know can be shown in less than 10 seconds. And no, I'm not suggesting using a brain surgeon that only had 10 seconds training. Be reasonable. Our time is limited. All I am suggesting is that you try.

Stan Bush (Me) is a fixer of things that are broken. My passions are unsolvable riddles, zombie extermination, fact checking, and ear enlargement. I provide cat herding services, as well as lion taming. I have wrangled chickens and called turkeys. Tall buildings, speeding bullets, and powerful locomotives are no big deal. . Find Sales Training And Networking on Google +Find us on Google+


Chris Montoya said…
Love the Dash Planner concept and the Editorial Calendar. I am so down with the 10 second tutorials! Bring it on! Great post, Stan.
Stan Bush said…
Thanks Chris. Trying to finish my editorial calendar and get a good running start in December. By January we'll be rockin' and rollin'. Your post today reminded me of a long form planner I'll be getting to you soon. thanks again.

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