How To Start ROCKING Your Exercise Walk

Just because you can't run a mile today, doesn't mean you won't be doing a 5K sometime next year.  Who knows, if you make it your goal and you focus on it you may even run a Marathon. One thing is for sure, hoping your way back to health doesn't work.  You have to get up and move slowly but surely towards your goal. And in order to have a goal, you have to create one.
     If you're the kind of person that says "I'm going to run a Marathon this year!" and then just goes out on Saturday and runs one...Great. Good for you and more power to you. Let me know when the swelling comes down. I'd like to learn how you did it.

Little Tiny Baby Steps  

But this is more about the "What About Bob" method of running.  It's about "Little tiny baby steps" that most of us can do, IF we set our mind to it.  It's about a question I get asked a lot. So this is an easy explanation on how you can get started, with no money, no gym, and not much stamina. All you need is a rock, a watch, a felt tip pin, and a way to measure one mile from your house.

Go Rock Hunting

Find two smooth rocks, about two inches long. You want them to be big enough so that when you place them by the side of the road or path, nobody will pick them up. Also, the lighter in color the rock is, the better, since you're going to be writing on them.

Label the Rocks. (Yes, Label The Rocks)

Use your felt tip marker to write "Current" on one rock. This is the one you will use to mark how far you've run (or walked) during your exercise period.  On the second rock write the word "Goal". Get in your car and either restart the trip odometer, or just write down your odometer reading. Now drive 1 mile from your home. Get out and find somewhere to place the 'Goal" rock. Put it in a place where you feel it won't be picked up by someone else. If you want to face the written side down, that's ok too.  Just remember where you put it. After you've done that, drive back home.  Make sure you have the "Current' rock in your pocket. You're going to use it to mark your progress.

It's Time To Get Started

Starting at the end of your driveway, take a look at your watch and make a mental note of the time.  If you need to write it down, then do that. If you have one of those watches that have a stop watch on it, then that works too. Most phones have a 'timer' feature that will buzz you when the 15 minutes is up.
Now that you're prepared, start walking at a comfortable pace towards the 'Goal" rock. Don't be discouraged if you don't make it there on the first try.

15 Minutes In One Direction

Once you've walked for 15 minutes towards the goal rock, take the "Current" rock out of your pocket and place it on the ground. That is your 'current' pace, and one that you will work to improve. Now, turn around and walk home at the same pace.  It should take you about 15 minutes to walk home.  Congratulations, you've just completed your first 'work out'. And the nice thing is, now that you have set your 'Current' rock using a 'comfortable pace', the only thing you have to try to do is "MOVE THAT ROCK".

Measurable Progress

Each day that you walk towards the main "Goal" rock, focus on picking up the 'Current' rock and moving it closer to your Goal! You can use the same method if you're already a runner.  It may sound silly, but there's something about picking up that rock and moving it that just 'feels good'.

One you reach the "Goal" rock, just pick it up and move it further away!  Or not. It's your rock, and your goals. No one can set them for you. And the flip side of that is... no one can achieve them for you either. So...what do you say?  Quit running from the truth! Get off that couch and MOVE THAT ROCK!

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Desiree Scales said…
LOVE the idea of the rocks Stan. It gives one a well-deserved break in the action and gives you time to reflect on your gains. Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
It's also a tangible, visible indicator of what we're capable of achieving every single day, even if it's moving that Current rock two - paces - further. SATISFACTION! COMPLETION! A sweet little boost of self-esteem. This is a wonderful strategy, Stan!
Unknown said…
I love the two rock idea. It gives the exercise a visible component. Sometimes a token can be magic needed to keep on target. Daily exercise is not easy. Anything that helps is a plus. Another great idea Stan.

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