Posting to Google Plus Page with Private Community

I have more than one blog.  Not all of them are mine.  Some of them are client's blogs, which I post to from my account as an author.  These clients have Google+ pages.  I needed to be able to post to a client's blog and Google+ Business Page with one click.  The integration of Google+ with Blogger allows that, and I appreciate it, use it, and love it.
When Google launched the Communities program, one of my friends created a 'Private" community from his personal account.  He also created a "Public" community with the same topic. Which made me start thinking if this would be the best solution.

Public Page - Private Community 

So, using a Page, I created a Private community.  This will allow me to use the Blogger Google+ switch to post to a Google Plus page, and keep the Community Private and seperate. This eliminates the need for two communities, requiring more work to maintain. You'll need some familiarity with G+ and the Blogger dashboard, but it is a good solution for someone that

  • Wants to post to their Blog and Google Business Page in a Public Manner
  • Have a private community that doesn't get inundated with public post.
Make sense?  If you have any questions, please contact me

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