What I See When I Look At Stuff

Everybody is born with two eyes, two ears and one mouth.  I'm no mathematician, but according to the "Holiday Inn Express Guidebook to Better Calculus" that means that we should be looking, and listening at least twice as much as we talk.

Yeah. I know.  

If you've ever had an opportunity to engage me in any discussion concerning technology, you probably had a problem squeezing a word in edgewise during the alleged two-way conversation. You're probably wondering "How can he say that?" Is this one of those pot vs kettle  things, or am I simply not listening to myself.  By the end of this post, I hope to know the answer to that myself. After reading this, I'd appreciate you taking a few minutes to give me some feedback.

Paul Bond's First POW

If you're a member  of the BMTC (affiliate) then you already know that Paul Bond idolizes me. He pretty much seeks my approval on everything he does. Just yesterday I had to turn down his request to start a Fan Club. I've told him that I'm not the Stan Bush he thinks I am. The other Stan Bush had a song called "The Touch" that won him some music awards.  The closest I ever came to something like that was when I my cousins would say "Grammy says he's touched'.

It's A Great Newsletter

Paul's Parable's POW is a good piece of writing. It's informative, entertaining, and introduces a product that his company sells. It has a nice link to a YouTube Video starring his kids. I'm not putting a link here because I would rather you follow it from his newsletter.  After you've read the newsletter, come back here. I'd like you to think about something. I'd like you to think about how you think your kids, or grandkids will be using the web.

Not That Junk Web Stuff Again

Actually, no. At least, not exactly.  It is true that cats, quotes, and other entertaining images have become a force in today's online activity.  It is true that the concept/technology that I'm going to suggest here does meet some of the criteria of all junk web content.  It's a picture, with a video, and it's entertaining. While it may not be as intuitive as the programmers would like to think, it is at least do-able by most.  More importantly it follows the natural progression of Technology, in that it supports the 'entertainment' criteria as well as the 'fiduciary responsibility' of supporting sales of a project.

Thing Link? What The Heck Is That?   

It's actually not that new.  It's been around for a while.  The first time I saw it I put it on my GTD inspired  'Someday Maybe' list. You can find it here.  Some of you have noticed I've been playing with it for the last couple of days.  I've been looking at it because I think it can help sell products and it can be entertaining. So, without further explanation, this is an example of how I 'think' this technology will be used in the very near future.

Brix WorkWear ThingLink POW

Roll your mouse over the images, see how it works and what it does.

Why I Think This Type of Post Is Coming

First of all, this is not to say that Paul's newsletter isn't great just the way it is. What I'm really doing is asking you what YOU think you're going to WANT to see in the coming years. Here are a few points concerning the ThingLink image I'd like you to consider. Since I'm a bulleted list person, I'm going to resort to that format. 
  • Because it can be implemented by medium level IT people. The skill set isn't really that high in order to create one of these.  The image itself is probably the hardest part.  The rest of it is handled by the online software.  
  • It has a video. 
  • When the video is played on a laptop, you don't leave the page. 
  • There is a shopping cart to order the pants from the image itself
  • Links to the Brix Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter sites are on the image. 
  • A link to subscribe to Paul's Parables is included on the image
  • It displays just fine on most mobile devices. 
So take a couple of minutes and give me some feedback on this. Do you think it has merit?  

Stan Bush (Me)  has spent a lot of hours in the last 18 years surfin' the net. This site contains some of the things he finds interesting. If you're looking for his business site you can find Sales Training And Networking on Google +Find us on Google+


Unknown said…
Stan, I think you have vision! I love Paul's post and I think using his children in the video is brilliant, especially to demonstrate the large size pants.
In our hurried world, we don't have time to mouse around. Having the pants in the lower right hand corner where I can immediately click on them is just what I need. Having a connect to Paul on the left is stellar. I like your use of the technology. I think you are brilliant!
Anonymous said…
OMG! What a great new thing. This is very cool, Stan! You know all the best stuff!

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